Each individual has their own unique concept of comfort and quality sleep. Studies at Norwegian and American universities have shown that lifestyle, as well as our gender, affect the way we sleep. Men are said to generally move and turn more than women during sleep. Also, turning in bed increases as we gain weight and age.

The bigger we are, the larger the sleeping surface we need for quality sleep. Other life changes, such as living with a partner, can also affect the size of the mattress or bed you need.

Girl is sleeping on the pillow turned on the left side
Two parents with little girl in the middle is lying in bed

Do you move a lot while you sleep?

During sleep, we make an average of 40-60 movements. If you are a person who moves a lot during the night, you know that this can affect the quality of your sleep, but also that of your partner. Research has shown that the age group between 20 and 34 years is more prone to moving during sleep. The solution to this is a larger bed size.

Girl is sleeping on the mattress with blanket around the legs

Koliki je vaš budžet?

Pronalaženje odgovarajuće veličine kreveta koja je unutar našeg budžeta može biti izazov. Za samce je prikladna standardna veličina kreveta za jednu osobu (90x200 cm ili 100x200 cm), pod uslovom da se ne kreću puno tokom spavanja i da ne dijele krevet sa kućnim ljubimcem. Inače, trebaju veći madrac (bar 120x200 cm).

What mattress size is right for you?


Do you share a bed?

Do you sleep alone or with a partner or maybe share a bed with small children? In these cases, you need a larger sleeping space. When sharing a bed with children, too small a sleeping surface for babies can also be dangerous.

Two parents with little girl in the middle is lying in bed
Girl is sleeping on the mattress with blanket around the legs

What is your budget?

Finding the right bed size within our budget can be a challenge. For singles, a standard single bed size (90x200 cm or 100x200 cm) is suitable, provided that they do not move a lot during sleep and do not share the bed with a pet. Otherwise, they need a bigger mattress (at least 120x200 cm).

A few more tips on mattress size

Bed frame

A proper bed frame is important as it helps distribute weight evenly. Small frames can sag at the edges, making it difficult for us to get out of bed or even break under the weight of the mattress.

The length of the mattress

For a peaceful and good sleep, it is necessary to lie comfortably on the mattress with the whole body. Experts advise buying a mattress that is at least 30 cm longer than our height. For people taller than 180 cm, a mattress of non-standard dimensions (longer than 200 cm, i.e. bed length of 210 cm) may be more suitable.

Dimensions of children's mattress

If you are buying a bed for a child, consider buying a larger mattress than the child currently needs.

Width of the mattress

The recommended mattress width for a comfortable sleep for one person is at least 90 cm.